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Delhi Metro Launches a New App

Delhi Metro Rail app provides the customers of metro services with lot of useful information that helps in using the Metro Services. Following are the different sections in the app and the information available in them.

Route Between Stations- Selecting the starting and destination stations will display the user the Fares, Distance, Approximate Travel time, stations in between with change over station and the route map with plotting of the route on the map. 

Station Info – Selecting a station will give you various useful information about the station like First and Last train timings, Platforms, Gates and directions, contact numbers, Tourist spots near that station, parking, feeder services etc. 

Nearest metro station – This section will show you the nearest metro stations from your current place. Other sections i.e. Tour guide, Metro Museum, Lost and found and Other info will give various other useful information to the user. 

download delhi metro appdelhi metro app iphone

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ultiamte Ways to an Amazing Holi Celebration in Delhi

Hi :) 

Are you visiting Delhi to celebrate Holi in March? 
Are you curious to know, what to expect and what not to miss to make your Holi-Celebrations one to remember ?  

I am excited  to take you to a colorful (visual) journey. You will learn :
  • When is Holi Celebrated, 
  • How is Holi Celebrated in Delhi. 
  •  and yes How can I forget precautions or safety you should take during Holi
 – in other words Make your Holi in Delhi a special one!
Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
Boys playing with Colors- Gulal
HOLI as we all know is Festival of colours and its played in different parts of India in different ways. Delhi has its own fashion to celebrate it.

Did you know: Holi-festival has lately, spread in parts of Europe and North Americas as a spring celebration of love, fun and colours. (Click to tweet)
Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
Holi celebrated in US
When is HOLI Celebrated? 
In case you don't know in 2015 Holi will be Celebrated on Friday, 6 March - Click to confirm date Its a National Holiday in India.  (Click to tweet) .

In case you are visiting this page after 2015 and want to know - when is Holi . Simply CLICK this magical crystal ball below!
Abra ka dabra...
Crystal ball
How is Holi Celebrated in Delhi?
Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
holika dahan - bonfire
A day before Holi 
Holi festivities commence  with a Holika-Dahan(bonfire) on the night before Holi where people round up, sing and dance. Holika was a Demoness . Know more here. Holi is marked as the Win of Good over Evil. You will find Deilhi-tes in the evening coming out of their homes to celebrate this with their neighborhood. After the function, people go back home excited with the anticipation of the next day - the festival HOLI

On Day of Holi

Holi in Delhi is nothing short of "Madness, Carnival, Circus, Festival, Naughtiness" all bundled together! 
Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
Color Madness

Festivities starts in the morning. It is free for all amusement of colours, where every body plays, run behind each other and colours each other with dry powder ( Gulal) and coloured water.
Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
Playing with Gulal - Color
You will find mostly children carrying water guns and water-filled balloons waiting at their Home's Gates for their water fight.

Holi Greetings Wallpaper Delhi Images
Children ready with Water Guns and Balloons

The merriment, pranks and fights with colours happens in the open streets, open parks, terrace of building in Delhi.
Playing with Water on Holi

In Love, War & Holi everything is Fair! It does not matter if you are Well-off or poor, man or woman, children or elders, friend or stranger. So expect many water balloons launched on you got to be watchful and dodge them if you can! 
Water Attack from Terrrace
In Delhi the sights are common where Groups carry drums and musical instruments, go from one place to another, singing and dancing. 
Groups playing in Streets
People visit families and friends and even foe (if you have one, do you?), they first play with colours on each other, giggle, laugh and scream in frenzy(specially youngsters) and people Hug and smear each other with Gulal and do chit-chat. 
Enjoying Holi Get Together
The Festival in Delhi is incomplete without Hindi Film Songs. And this one plays in all Get-Together!

This ends with sharing special Holi delicacies, and Kids love them the most. Starting with :
1. Gujiya : 
It's a sweet dumpling made with suji or Maida and stuffed with khoya, grated and roasted dry fruits, khoya. Tastes Awesome ! "No one can eat just one", that's How I describe it !


Learn How to make Gujiya (8 mins) Video

2. Dahi Bhalla:
A popular Snack food-and also a Delhi Street Food

Dahi Bhalla

 Learn to prepare Dahi- Bhalla at Home in this quick 4 min Video
3. Chaat- Papri:
Another popular Delhi Street Food   is must food in all the Delhi get-together on Holi
Chaat Papri
Learn to prepare this at Home (5 mins) Video
3. Bhaang-Lassi:
Sweet Savoury Drink with leaves and flowers (buds) of the female cannabis plant. 

Bhaang Lassi
 4. Bhaang- Pakora
How could Holi be complete without pakoras of bhaang 
Bhanag Pakora
Preacautions on day of Holi 
Holi is a festival of colours and merriment. Take the following precautions. Holi is meant to be a rough festival and following some do's and don't will help you bear the harshness of the festival.

•    Wear Sunglasses -  keeping your eyes safe from the harmful chemicals of the colours.  (Click to Tweet)
•    Wear old and rugged clothes- that you can easily discard after playing Holi (Click to Tweet)
•   Keep eyes and lips tightly closed - It is almost impossible to save you face from attack of colours, so while you are attacked, keep eyes and lips tightly closed. (Click to Tweet)
•   Apply Coconut or any oil -  If you are playing Holi, apply a thick layer of coconut or any oil on your body and hair till they glisten and you become slippery. This will help you to wash off colours easily later on. (Click to Tweet)
•   Avoid traveling If you are traveling, keep the car windows tightly shut. Better still; avoid traveling on this day. (Click to Tweet)
 photo smallbanner.jpg•   Public Transport Please remember Delhi Metro and DTC bus starts operating in the afternoon only. (Click to Tweet) 
•   Women avoid going out alone - Play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives as against strangers. (Click to Tweet)

Travelers views on Holi, Read: A Word of Caution for Holi Festival

 Read, Know the Truth before Buying:  Herbal Gulal in Delhi

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Friday, 13 February 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule in Indian Stadard Time

Sunday, 1 February 2015

29th Suraj Kund Mela 2015 Dates and Events

Surajkund mela 2015Colors, Architecture, Dance, Heritage, Traditional Wears, Crafts of India - Surajkund Mela! 
 If you are in the quest of the any of the above, Surajkund mela is a must visit for you.

Each year in the ambiance of Surajkund Lake, from 1-15 Feb, a vibrant crafts festival is organized in the green fields of Surajkund, Faridabad, Haryana. (Click to tweet)
Suraj Kund Mela Crafts
Colorful Crafts -A Delight for Shoppers

Did You Know: Surajkund is an ancient reservoir in the shape of rising sun. 'Kund' means tank or reservoir and 'Suraj' means Sun. (Click to Tweet)
SurajKund Lake Faridabad
Click to See the Entire Panaromic View of Actual Surajkund Lake
What makes Surajkund Mela so Unique, so Special?

Each year Traditional Crafts men and women including sculptors, weavers, painters and artists assemble here from all parts of the India to participate in this annual celebration

Dance by Haryana-Artists
It's a definite 'Paradise' for lovers of arts and crafts. No Wonder! the fair sees visitors from all over the world and not just Delhi/Ncr or to say India. There is something for everyone in this fair. 

The Entrance is characterized by a theme specific to a State of India. This year CHATTISGARH is the theme of 29th- Surajkund Crafts Fair 2014. A great platform to promote tourism. 
Goa Pavilion Suraj Kund Mela - 2014
Artists from Goa at Suraj Kund Mela - Image Courtesy 

In addition to that, About 15 countries from Europe,Africa, including SAARC countries participated in the event last year.
Srilanka Pavilion- Images Courtesy Vaibhav, India Mike
Srilanka Pavilion - Image Courtesy Vaibhav, India Mike
Also read incredible account of the fair by Vaibhav Arora at India Mike

How to reach?

Surajkund lies 8 km from South Delhi. It is easily accessible by road. 
  • Special conducted tours are available from Haryana Tourist Bureau at 36, Janpath, New Delhi (Click to Tweet)
  • Buses are available from ISBT, Shivaji Stadium, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Surajkund. (Click to Tweet)
  • Tourist cabs/ tourist coaches to the venue can be conveniently hired from Delhi. 
  • By Road: Surajkund is well-connected to Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad district headquarter towns by metalled road approachable by tour coaches, tourist taxis and one’s own conveyance. 
  • By Air: The nearest Airport is at Delhi. The Surajkund Complex is a 35-minute drive from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is about 25 km from Palam Airport. 
  • By Rail: Delhi is the nearest Railway junction. Faridabad and Gurgaon are both linked to Delhi via Railway lines. From each of these stations, travel to Surajkund has to be done by car/cab/tourist coach. 
  • By Metro: Metro services are also available from Central Secretariat till Badarpur via Sarita Vihar and Mohan Estate. (Click to Tweet) Badarpur locality is close to the interstate border between the city of Faridabad and Delhi.
     Come and Enjoy the Festival! 

Did you find the information helpful. Do you have any question to ask?  Please feel free to put across your suggestions and queries in the comment section below.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

7 Easy Ways to Republic Day Parade 2015

Buy  Republic Day tickets

Every Year on 26th January, I and My Family position ourselves in front of the Television, eagerly waiting for the LIVE telecast of the Republic day parade to start on Doordarshan. Since 2013 it has started telecasting it LIVE on it's Youtube Channel. Here is the Link in case you are curious ;)

Yesterday, I was wondering if I could see 66th Republic Day of India Live at Vijay Chowk, you know.. witnessing the parade and the Colorful Procession (Jhankis)  for real would be a Life Time Experience Indeed! But the Question was, from where can I buy the Tickets? And if the tickets are actually available or not?

Here came our Friend GOOGLE. I typed "Buy Republic Day Ticket 2015" ..and TADANG! 

I got all the basic information I needed . Thanks to Sharell Cook ( :).  With the Help of HOHO's Guest Relation Executive (Ms. Dolly Sharma) who knows nook and corner of Delhi roads and where-about, I have prepared a quick list of Ticket Counters.

If You are like Me looking for Republic Day Tickets, then Read on. 

Tickets are available from 10th to 25th January. Following are the 7 Easy Ways you can buy one for Yourself. Some of the ticket counters are painted in white, "Republic Day Tickets Available Here" mentioned on top of them.

1. India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Travel Counters 

I did not know the Office were located at  Ashok and Janpath Hotels. Open only on Working days, so you better get them on or before 25th Jan. 

2. Tickets are available at all the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) counters

At a Stones throw distance from HOHO Centre is Coffee Home at Baba kharak Singh Marg. Besides that you can find it at Dilli Haat -INA and Pitampura.
3. Departmental Counters at South & North Block Entrance

which happens to be adjacent to President House, near Vijay Chowk. 

4. At Jantar Mantar Entrance 

just next to ticket counter of Jantar mantar monument 

5. At Outer Circle of India Gate, near Shanjahan Road 

you will find small white painted iron counters. 

6. Parliament house reception Office 

Tickets are available between 11am and 4pm. Satuday, Sunday and Holidays Closed. 7. Government of India Tourist Office

Centrally located just opposite to Janpath Market, Connaught
Place. Closed on Sunday. 

Ticket Price for 2015

I am not sure of the Ticket Price for 2015, as per Press Information Bureau, Government of India 2013 release, prices are as follows:

The price of tickets for the Republic Day Parade on 26th January 2013 will be Rs. 300/- and Rs 150/- for reserved seats and Rs. 50/- and Rs. 10/- for unreserved seats. The tickets for the Beating Retreat Ceremony (Full Dress Rehearsal) on 28th January 2013 will be in the category of Rs.50/- and Rs.20/- respectively and will not have reserved seats.  

Beating Retreat Ceremony
3 days after republic day Beating Retreat Ceremony is organized in the afternoon on January 29 each year. Tickets are also available for this event at the above outlets. 

Thanks Sharell Cook of goindia, and Dolly Sharma of HOHO Delhi for helping me write this post. 

Did you find the information helpful. Do you have any question to ask?  Please feel free to put across suggestions or queries in the comment section below.

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  Surojit Ghosh


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